For sick child care, call the office to speak with the triage staff, who will listen to your concerns and schedule an appointment if necessary. Sometimes an appointment is not needed, and the staff will advise you regarding your issues. 

We make every effort to meet the needs of our patients, offering both routine and same day appointments during business hours. We do not offer walk-in hours. Please familiarize yourself with our office hours and call when an appointment is needed.

If you have a concern about another child accompanying the patient being seen, please notify the triage nurse before the appointment, or at the front desk at check-in to add the child to the schedule. Each child will need their own appointment.

Occasionally, despite our best efforts, we may run late. We understand that your time is valuable. Each patient has there own unique and challenging problems. While you are waiting, we are working very hard to address each individual patient's situation and give everyone the attention and time needed. It is possible that from time to time, we may be behind schedule. Our commitment is to the patient, not the schedule.

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  • 1/11/2019
    Office Phone hours are between 7:30am - 4pm, Monday-Friday but you can reach a nurse anytime! Just call the main number (850)877-1162
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