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North Florida Pediatrics Waiting Room

New Patients

North Florida Pediatrics is accepting new patients from birth to adolescents and we can accommodate most insurances. It is important to contact your insurance provider, so their representative can check your benefits, to make certain we are "In Network" for your policy.

Pre-register on our Health Portal now.

We now have a pre-registration process for our expectant mothers! You may pre-register using our Patient Health Portal. Once you pre-register, our new patient Liasion will contact you to complete your newborn registration. 

What new patient should know about our office:
Thank you for choosing North Florida Pediatrics as your child’s healthcare provider. In order to familiarize you with how our office works, we are providing you with this information.
Our Practitioners: Our practice consists of three doctors: Anna Koeppel, MD; Robert Kickish, MD and Frank Walker, MD. Each of our providers have dedicated their lives to providing passionate and quality medical care to children. When your doctor is not
available, we have nurse practitioners to care for your child for continuity of care. The progress note of that visit is reviewed by your child’s doctor.
Clinic Hours: For your convenience, North Florida Pediatrics is open Monday & Friday 7:45A.M-5:00P.M and Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 7:45A.M-7:00P.M and two Saturdays a month from 8:30 A.M-12:00 P.M. All children are seen by appointment only.
We ask that you always call when your child is sick so we can provide you a work-in time
to minimize your wait as much as possible.
When Your Child Is Sick: Please call our office between 8:30A.M and 4:30P.M to speak
to a nurse. Based on age, severity of illness, and/or symptoms, you will be offered an appointment or give instructions for home care. Not every illness requires a visit. Our triage
nurses have 30+ years combined pediatric experience. They also use a telephone triage protocol approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics to be sure your child is receiving the most up to date information available.
Afterhours Nurse for Urgent Questions: We have afterhours pediatric nurses available
to assist with questions regarding your sick child. You can reach the nurse by dialing our office number (850) 877-1162. Please leave a message for the nurse and you will be contacted within an hour. If you do not hear from the nurse within 1 hour, please call
again as we may have experienced difficulty with your message.
Non-Urgent Calls: All others calls regarding appointments, forms, medical records, or billing will be taken during our phone hours of operation from 8:30A.M-4:30P.M Monday through Friday. Please follow auto attendant prompts to reach the correct department.
Missed Appointments: Please give us 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your appointment. If you no-show an appointment, you are responsible for calling to reschedule that appointment. If you are scheduled with a doctor and you no-show the appointment,
you will most likely be rescheduled to see a nurse practitioner. No-show appointments may also be subject to a no-show fee equal to your insurance copay.
Changes in Insurance: You are responsible for informing our office in the event of an insurance change. Please remember to bring your child’s new insurance card to the next appointment.
Our Website: Our website,, provides you with many resources regarding your child’s health. The resources available to you include the use of our patient portal where you can find summaries of visits, reminders about upcoming appointments,
and allows you to contact our office through an secure messaging system. Any questions or requests will be addressed in 3 to 5 business days. Another resource we provide is a Symptom Checker. On the home page of our website, you can input your child’s symptoms and receive medical advice from the same American Academy of Pediatrics approved
content our nurses use.
Financial Responsibility: You are ultimately responsible for all payment obligations regarding the care and treatment of your child. All copay and/or contracted amounts based on your insurance plan and due at the time of service.
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